2021 – r/bourbon Starlight Double Oaked Bourbon (French Oak) | Whiskey Raiders
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2021 – r/bourbon Starlight Double Oaked Bourbon (French Oak)

Year: 2021 by t8ke

Info: Selected on premise at Starlight. 

Notes:Oaky and dense without becoming dry or bitter. I really like what French Oak has to add as a finish – fresh, spicy character, brown sugar and a bit of dessert. We drank through several other double oaked casks and this was hands down the favorite – between both French Oak finishes and American Oak finishes. Notes of praline, toffee, butterscotch, white pepper, bold tobacco and a satisfyingly complex finish. 

Additional Info: Our favorite Double Oaked cask of the day, there were many matured in both American Oak and French Oak for their secondary finish. This was the clear standout – and it’s a hell of a pour.