2021 – Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 9yr “The Dirty K” | Whiskey Raiders
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2021 – Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 9yr “The Dirty K”


Year: 2021 by t8ke

Artwork: t8ke

Info: Barrel #21-1028, Distilled: 12-21-2012, Dumped: 02-24-22, Bottled: 03-22-22, Warehouse: K, Floor: 3

Notes: Expressively woody for the age, it’s a red berry, orange peel, cherry delight that’s laced with baking spice, toffee, a slight tinge of balsamic and a tidal wave of brown sugar and maple. Spicy at first giving way to rich fruit and sweet dessert notes, this is the first K in a long time that drew my attention, and we kept returning to it, even after tasting an incredible run of S barrels, and grabbing our CNA that released for 200 Grand. 

Additional Info: Selected on premise at Wild Turkey with Bruce Russell. This barrel was disgusting, nasty, covered in filth and grime but it tasted so wonderful we couldn’t leave it behind. Tasted early in the day, out of a long row of K, S and more, this barrel shone bright and we just kept coming back for it.

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