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2021 – Woodinville Whiskey Company Single Barrel Bourbon

Year: 2022 by t8ke

Artwork: t8ke

Info: Selected in 2021 from Woodinville’s stocks, this barrel did not move quickly at all, finally becoming ready for sale in early 2022. Single barrel bourbon at 5 years old. 117.54pf.

Release Blurb: Last but not least, is a barrel I thought might just never arrive. Selected in August of 2021, this Woodinville Single Barrel was one of the selections I loved most of 2021. Obviously, we’re now deep into 2022 but it took them so long to bottle this, it’s one of our final holdouts of 2021. Woodinville is one of my favorite rising producers, neck in neck with Driftless Glen and Starlight, among others. Their distillate has such an oily, flavorful character and they’re honestly poised to be a great. Their releases are already killer – their harvest release last year claimed a rare 8/10 from me on Raiders, and I’m taking every cask from them I can get. They’re located in Washington State, have tiny distribution and if you haven’t tried their distillate yet: now’s your chance. They’re doing it right, and in 5 years when they’ve completely blown up, we’ll be sipping their stuff knowing that they’ve been quality for years.

Notes: Baking spice immediately, cocoa, nougat and bold fruits. Dried apple, blackberry, some strawberries and cream. Tobacco, toffee, pepper and clove. Long, dry finish with more tannin than expected. A banger of a first look from Woodinville Whiskey Company. Dial up Taconic 771 and we’re here!