2022 – Back Bone Bone Snapper 6yr10mo Single Barrel Rye | Whiskey Raiders
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2022 – Back Bone Bone Snapper 6yr10mo Single Barrel Rye

r/Bourbon Backbone 7yr “Brain Drain V” Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey

Our final Brain Drain Rye is here, and it’s a doozy, combining a bold profile, spicy character, killer value, and healthy yield.

  • ABV: 59% ABV
  • Age: 6 Years 10 Months (82 Months)
  • Yield: 149 Bottles
  • Tasting Notes: Peppery pound cake laced with nougat, maple and honey. Old and bold, woody and chewy, tannic and rank with dessert character, this rye is every bit as bold as the name would suggest. Sticky toffee, fresh cracked pepper, tobacco and butter cream with a long, bold, woody finish. See also: killer Manhattan maker.



Single barrels selected for the r/Bourbon Single Barrel Program, Whiskey Raiders, Aficionados Group & more are selected personally by t8ke. Here’s a complete list of single barrels and their information in the program. If you’re looking for information regarding the specific single barrels for a specific calendar week, that information is available here