2022 – Breckenridge Blend “Delta” | Whiskey Raiders
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2022 – Breckenridge Blend “Delta”

Artwork coming soon

Year: 2022 by t8ke

Artwork: t8ke

Info: Blend designation “Delta”

Notes: Rich butter, maple, cocoa, light oak, sweet buttercream, honey and a touch of cherry cordial. Medium on the palate, easy to drink, the proof works well here for an easy sipper just in time for the hot months of the year. Long, sweet, toffee finish.

Single barrels selected for the r/Bourbon Single Barrel Program, Whiskey Raiders, Aficionados Group & more are selected personally by t8ke. Here’s a complete list of single barrels and their information in the program. If you’re looking for information regarding the specific single barrels for a specific calendar week, that information is available here