2022 – Copper & Cask Single Barrel Bourbon #298 “Guinness Apple Pie” | Whiskey Raiders
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2022 – Copper & Cask Single Barrel Bourbon #298 “Guinness Apple Pie”

Year: 2022 by t8ke

Artwork: t8ke

Info: Barrel #298, 5yrs5mo, 57.05% ABV

Notes: The color on this Copper is no joke as well, with a great combination of age and ABV giving this a subtle richness. Baking spice, waffle batter, fresh baked biscuits, baked apple pie and a toffee note rock the palate. Interestingly enough, I don’t often get much cherry from MGP, but the extra rye in the mix brings a luxardo cherry, clove and custard note as well. Rich, decadent, the palate is syrupy without punishing heat or a numbing sensation.

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