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Single Barrel Status Page

Week 19 Barrel:

Schtick Of The Week: Week 19 brings a crowd favorite, Back Bone bourbon based out of Indiana. Their Bone Snapper label represents their rye cask bottlings, and this 6yr10mo flavor monster isn’t short on value, flavor or complexity. 


Week 18
Bone Snapper


Week 18 Barrel:

Schtick Of The Week: This week’s barrel comes on the heel of a super successful run of Jack Daniel’s that we had in 2021. We all love bold, boisterous, powerful barrel proof whiskey, but every now and then, it’s nice to slow things down and breathe a little. Last year our Jack Daniel’s Private Collection 94pf was a big winner with the home crowd, and went quick. That’s what’s on for this week, and for all of you that have been asking when we’d have a lower proof offering again, here we are. I like to make this abundantly clear, this is bottled at 94pf, which I was thankful to taste both at barrel proof and then when diluted, so we know what we’re getting here (I hate that KC dilutes between you selecting and when its bottled, even though its not much) and I’ve given it the stamp of approval. 


Week 18
Jack Daniels

Week 17 Barrels:


Week 17
Old Elk Wheated Bourbon
Staves and Grain
Russells Reserve