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Beam Suntory Is Proof Positive On Impacting The Environment, Consumers, and Communities

Proof Positive Beam Suntory

Image Courtesy of Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory, the premium spirits company, has raised its sustainability goals in every aspect of its value chain- In an effort called Proof Positive.

With plans to go from net zero to carbon emissions, reduce water use by 50% and achieve 100% watershed replenishment, invest $500 million to engage consumers to make responsible choices. They will also be donating 1 million volunteer hours, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more, according to the Beam Suntory Website.

The company believes that investing in sustainability is not only the right thing to do but necessary for their company and humanity. “Our quality products start with the blessings of nature, and we’re determined to give back to nature more than we use.” They are also committed to reducing harmful and binge drinking and increasing their investment in helping consumers make more responsible choices.

Proof Positive Impact Targets for 2030-2040

According to Beam Suntory, there are three separate areas of focus: Nature Positive, Consumer Positive, and Community Positive.

With Nature Positive, Beam intends to build on its current efforts and reduce its environmental footprint. By utilizing efficient technology and cleaner fuels, “Beam Suntory has reduced water use per unit of production by 22 percent and reduced greenhouse gases emitted by direct operations by 19 percent.” Says Beam. The company will also be using 100% recycled material across the packaging by 2030.

Consumer Positive is an operative investing 500 million in tools such as to help consumers drink responsibly. The site provides evidence-based programs that help counter underage consumption, binge drinking, and impaired driving.

Community Positive is a program that will foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment. With a goal of 50 percent women in leadership positions globally by 2030 and contributing 1 million volunteer hours to various communities worldwide.

It’s enough reason for us to pick up a bottle of Jim Beam, and if you’re looking to find that perfect one to enjoy knowing you’re supporting a business committed to bettering our world, check out more ratings, reviews, and whiskey news on our home page.

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