Drink These Whiskeys for Super Bowl, Eagles and Chiefs Fans
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Best Whiskeys for Eagles and Chiefs Fans to Sip While Rooting for Their Teams in Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl

A view of NFL signage promoting Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 9 outside State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, featuring football players Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton (from left) and quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and linebacker Haason Reddick displayed on a digital billboard. The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)

Super Bowl LVII is right around the corner, and if your favorite team made it all the way to the final game of the NFL season, you ought to celebrate the occasion in style — by sipping a great whiskey from the home state of your team. Whether you’re rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles this weekend, we’ve got recommendations for you to enjoy during the game and the postgame celebration or mourning session.

Missouri Whiskeys to Cheer on the Kansas Chiefs With

If you’re rooting for the Chiefs, we’ve got a number of Missouri-born and -bred whiskey distilleries that will have a dram up your alley.

Ben Holladay Distillery

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Ben Holladay Distillery is located in Weston, Missouri, a few miles up the road from Kansas City. The brand is a tribute to the American transportation tycoon and the distillery’s namesake, Ben Holladay. Born in Kentucky and raised in Weston, Holladay was the mastermind behind the Overland Express stagecoach line that ultimately sold to Wells Fargo.

He had a hand in steamboats, streetcars and railroads and even briefly owned the Pony Express. The massive empire he constructed spanned the entire US, making him one of the largest individual employers of his time.

Today, this distillery honors his great accomplishments. A key figure in American history, Ben Holladay’s name is now on bottles of bourbon — America’s native spirit — and makes for the perfect bourbon for the most All-American sports event: The Super Bowl. Holladay could never have imagined that whiskey would be a lasting legacy of his, but we’re sure glad the folks at Holladay Distillery are doing what they’re doing.

We recently reviewed Ben Holladay’s 6 Year Bottled-In-Bond bourbon and came away impressed.

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Copper Run Distillery

Image via Copper Run Distillery/Facebook

Copper Run Distillery is the first legal distillery in the Ozark Mountains since Prohibition ended in 1933. Copper Run produces handcrafted products with dedication to ensure every bottle contains quality spirits.

Despite being a small-batch distillery, Copper Run says it puts its passion for excellence above all else. Every aspect of production — from processing raw ingredients to labeling and bottling — is done by hand.

Missouri Ridge Distillery

M. Gregory Pope is the Master Distiller behind Missouri Ridge Distillery & Brewery, a family-owned business tucked away in the Ozark Mountains near Branson, Missouri. His grandfather began making small-batch spirits decades ago, passing down his knowledge and passion to his grandson, who now carries on the legacy.

The limestone bedrock of the Ozarks is said to give the area’s water a distinct flavor that is present in all of Missouri Ridge’s spirits. This natural quality has contributed to Missouri Ridge becoming one of Missouri’s most awarded distilleries. It was even featured in an episode of “Moonshiners” on Discovery Channel.

Beyond the distillery’s award-winning spirits, word has it that Missouri Ridge sells some killer barbecue. So, if you find yourself, in the Branson area, check it out.

Pennsylvania Whiskeys to Cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles With

Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Super Bowl

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Dad’s Hat whiskey distillery is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, less 25 miles east of Philadelphia.  This craft producer is distilling and bottling its own whiskey and has five rye whiskeys in its repertoire.

Dad’s Hat is on a mission to restore the Pennsylvania rye scene to its former glory, and it’s doing a great job. We’ve reviewed Dad’s Hat’s flagship classic rye expression, and it’s great — a punchy, vibrant, fruity, spicy pour that’s sure to impress any fan of good rye whiskey.

Liberty Pole Spirits

Located in Washington, Pennsylvania, Liberty Pole produces an intriguing array of bourbons and whiskeys, including something extremely unusual: a peated bourbon. It even sells a bourbon cream.

Liberty Pole gets its name from the poles once raised by western Pennsylvania farmer-distillers to protest the excise tax on distilled spirits that was passed in 1791. These protests were the start of the famous Whiskey Rebellion, an extremely important moment in U.S. history widely considered to be the first true test of the U.S.’s nascent, George Washington-led government.

Manatawny Still Works

Manatawny Still Works, based in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, produces an array of spirits, from vodka to gin to rum to brandy. Its focus, though, is on whiskey.

Founded in 2013, Manatawny Still Works is named for Manatawny Creek, the 18.2-mile stream whose bank the distillery is situated on. This creek, apparently, was named by the indigenous Lenape “Man’en’tau’wata’wik,” which means “the place we meet to drink” — a fitting name for a distillery.

Manatawny focuses on its flagship foug-grai American Whiskey but also produces other whiskeys and flavored whiskeys, such as maple and honey.

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