Whipshots Arrive: Cardi B Unveils Boozy Whipped Cream
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Selling Out in Minutes: Cardi B Combines Bougie and Boozy With Spiked Whipped Cream


Cardi B’s new Whipshots product is a fun, different idea. (Photo: Whipshots)

While new alcohol products with celebrity names attached to them release seemingly daily, it’s rare to see a celebrity come out with an interesting and fresh product on the spirits market. But that’s exactly what Grammy-winning musical artist Cardi B has done with her vodka-spiked whipped cream product Whipshots, which launched Wednesday in three flavors: Mocha, Vanilla and Caramel, each clocking in at 10% ABV. The brand’s website touts the products as “Bougie x Boozy.”

Cardi B, in collaboration with Starco Brands and alcohol distributor RNDC, is launching 500 cans of Whipshots a day online — and they’re selling incredibly quickly. The first batch sold out within five minutes, according to Cardi B. On day 2, the 500 cans sold out in less than a minute, according to a tweet from Cardi B fan account @BardiUpdatess, which Cardi B quote-tweeted. The daily sales will continue throughout December.

“Whipshots is over the top, sexy and unique – kind of like me. It’s going to be a party in every can,” said Cardi B in a news release. “No matter where you are, you can party like Cardi, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this one-of-a-kind product with all of you.”

The news release said the product is intended to “disrupt a spirits marketplace that is currently dominated by conventional ideas.”

Whipshots contains no dairy and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The cans come in three sizes: 50 milliliters ($6), 200 milliliters ($14) and 375 milliliters ($20).

Whipshots are available each day starting at noon ET. Those who wish to purchase may attempt to do so at this link — but be prompt if you want a chance at getting your hands on a can.

While Whipshots is currently an elusive product, we do know that, according to Cardi B herself, the products will be in stores “real soon.”

A promotional photo for the product that circulated in past months showed the three announced cans alongside two other cans: Strawberry and Chocolate. This appears to indicate that more flavors — at least those two — are on the horizon.

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