Colorado Distillers Collaboration Wheat Whiskey Debuts
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Collaboration for a Cause: 7 Colorado Distilleries Release Limited Edition Wheat Whiskey for Local Charities

Colorado Distillers Collaboration

Seven Colorado distilleries have teamed up to release Colorado Distillers Collaboration Straight Wheat Whiskey. (Photos: Colorado Distillers Collaboration)

On Friday, Seven Colorado distilleries announced the release of the Colorado Distillers Collaboration Straight Wheat Whiskey in an effort to shed light on Colorado’s distilling community and support local charities. The 100% Colorado wheat whiskey is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between 291 Colorado Whiskey, Bear Creek Distillery, Laws Whiskey House, Old Elk Distillery, State 38 Distilling, Wood’s High Mountain Distillery and Woody Creek Distillers.

“This is the first time in Colorado history that a group of distilleries who all make their whiskey from grain to glass has come together to produce a common blended product that we can share with our local community and not only raise awareness of our brands, but also raise money for our local charities,” Sean Smiley, co-owner of State 38 Distillery said in a news release.

All materials were donated for the production of this whiskey, and 100% of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to local Colorado charities including Bridge of Hope, Urban Peak, Chaffee County Community Foundation, Larimer County Food Bank and Cattlemen’s Days Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

Colorado Distillers Collaboration Straight Wheat Whiskey

The distillers on labeling day.

The collaboration began in 2018, when the seven partners agreed on the conditions that only distillate made by participating distilleries could be used, each distillery would use Centennial Wheat grown and supplied by the Colorado Malting Company and that the proceeds would go exclusively to Colorado nonprofits. The project began that spring when each distillery individually distilled a 100% Centennial Wheat whiskey from an heirloom soft white variety grown in the San Luis Valley. The whiskeys were transferred, married and barreled in casks at Laws Whiskey House in Denver.

“Each Colorado distillery brings its unique flavor profile, rich history and the dedication of its distillers,” said Michael Meyers, founder of 291 Colorado Whiskey. “This collaboration is a testament to the thriving craft distilling industry in our state and our collective spirit.”

The Colorado Distillers Collaboration Straight Wheat Whiskey has soft, bright floral qualities with an undercurrent of black tea aromas, according to the producers. Bottles are available only at the tasting rooms of the participating distilleries. Each distillery has 105 bottles to sell for the price of $74.99.

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