Deko Cocktails are Kosher With Ingredients From Long Island
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Kosher Cocktails on the Menu: Ready-to-Drink Brand Hopes to Strike Gold With Bottled Gold Rush

Deko Cocktails

Deko Cocktails’ Gold Rush is pictured. Deko Cocktails are certified Kosher and made with ingredients local to the Long Island area. (Photo: Deko Cocktails)

Canned and bottled cocktails are super popular at the moment, but Long Island-based company Deko Cocktails has found a niche for itself; its new drinks are kosher and made with home-grown ingredients. Deko is selling direct-to-consumer and shipping across more than 30 states. It also offers free delivery to Long Island and the five boroughs of New York.

Deko Cocktails are certified 100% kosher by Star-K. The first two Deko cocktails are the Gold Rush and the Bee’s Knees.

Gold Rush is bottled at 20% ABV and made with American oak-aged bourbon, fresh lemon juice and raw wildflower honey from local apiaries. Bee’s Knees is bottled at 17% ABV and made with gin, Fresh lemons, foraged juniper berries and lavender, and raw wildflower honey. Both retail for $25 for a 375-milliliter bottle.

“We cherish going out to bars and restaurants; the experience of enjoying a thoughtfully-crafted cocktail and feeling taken care of in a beautiful space is incredibly important to us,” co-founder Dan Rabinowitz said in a news release. “During the pandemic we tried all of the bottled cocktails out there and could not find one that we actually felt satisfied this need, or made us feel good about the ingredients we were drinking. With Deko, our goal is to transport our customers to the best bars in the world with the simple, yet perfectly-balanced flavors of our cocktails. We also want our clientele to feel assured that they are drinking the highest quality ingredients available, that were grown and made by experts on the North Fork who care deeply about the environment and their products.”

Canned and bottled cocktails are all the rage right now. We’ve seen tons of them, from miniature to super-sized to numerous other niches. Deko will need to hope there’s a big enough market for Kosher and locally sourced ready-to-drink cocktails to propel the brand to success.

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