‘Judgement of Westland’ Campaign Inspired by the Tasting That Changed Reputation of American Wine Forever
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‘Judgement of Westland’ Campaign Inspired by the Tasting That Changed Reputation of American Wine Forever

Westland Judgement

The Judgement of Westland will pit Scotland, the U.S., India and Australia against one another in a contest between single-malt whiskeys.

Westland Distillery announced Tuesday the launch of The Judgement of Westland, a three-month campaign of blind tastings held worldwide. Four acclaimed single malts from four regions — Australia, India, Scotland and the U.S. — will be tasted between October and December.

The first tasting will be held at the Whisky Show in London, which takes place Oct. 1-3.

The single malts that will be tasted all will be widely commercially available, be listed at similar price points and not be cask strength or single-cask bottlings. None of the whiskeys’ identities will be revealed to attendees, only which countries they are from.

The whiskey selection will be curated by experts Dave Broom and Sam Simmons.

Whiskey Raiders’ own Jay West will be in attendance for one of the future trials.

The event is inspired by the Judgement of Paris, a famous blind tasting in 1976 during which some Californian wines were rated higher than French wines, shocking the world of wine and altering the perception of the U.S.’s place in it.

The role of Paris will by played by Scotland in the Judgement of Westland. After all, these will be tastings of single malts, and Scottish whiskey is nearly synonymous with single-malt whiskey.

How will the U.S., India and Australia fare against the Goliath of single malt? Any upsets would be fascinating.

Whiskey Raiders will keep you up to date on the results, findings and standings of the campaign as they unfold.

Here is the description of the campaign from the official website:

For centuries Scotland set the standards in single malt whiskey. But today, there is a sea change underway. New voices have emerged to challenge the sanctity of tradition. At Westland we believe that the merits of a single malt should not be determined by where the distillery sits on a map but instead be judged by the integrity of its intention and the excellence of its execution. We believe that all fine single malts should be equally considered as valid points in the global conversation that defines them.

Since 2010, Westland has been the flag-bearer of America’s contribution to that conversation. Ten years in, do we measure up? The pundits give us high marks, but has Westland, and America, truly earned a seat at the table? It is not for us to claim; it is for you to decide.

May the best malt win!

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