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‘Big For a Reason’: Jumbo Canned Cocktail Brand Launches 2 new Flavors

Party Can

Party Can, a brand from Cocktail Courier, is launching two new flavors to follow its original Triple Spice Margarita: Gold Rush Old Fashioned and Cosmicpolitan. (Photo: Cocktail Courier)

Party Can, a brand from Cocktail Courier, announced the launch of two new ready-to-drink canned cocktails Thursday: Cosmicpolitan and Gold Rush Old Fashioned. Its original flavor, Triple Spice Margarita, contains blue weber agave tequila, premium orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and subtle spices from real ginger, cinnamon and chili pepper.

Party Can distinguishes itself from competitors with its sheer size. Far from the traditional single-serve canned cocktail, Party Cans are 1.75 liters and intended to serve 12 people.

Gold Rush Old Fashioned

Gold Rush is made with Kentucky bourbon, fresh lemon juice, natural herbs, bitters and black and chamomile teas. So, it’s essentially a traditional Old-Fashioned with an unusual tea twist. Gold Rush contains 15% ABV.


The Cosmicpolitan is made with vodka, combier liqueur d’orange, passion fruit and lime juices. It contains 12.5% ABV.

All three Party Can flavors come with a suggested retail price of $33.99 and are available for purchase nationwide from Cocktail Couriers, plus at select retailers.

With such a glut of canned cocktails on the market, a niche — massive size, in Party Can’s case — is a must to find success.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Post Meridiem Spirits sells miniature cocktails in 100-milliliter cans.

Ranging from 12.5% to 15% ABV, Party Can is on the strong side for a canned beverage. The typical ready-to-drink cocktail clocks in at about 5% to 9% ABV. Party Can doesn’t hold the crown for highest-proof canned cocktail, however. Post Meridiem’s tiny drinks pack a major punch, ranging from 23.5% to 37% ABV.

If you pick up a Party Can, instructions for how to drink them are simple: “Chill. Shake. Party!”

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