Perez Hilton Samples Fine Whiskeys With Fred Minnick
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VIDEO: ‘Oh, That’s Disgusting. You Like That?’: Perez Hilton Sampling Rare Whiskey With Fred Minnick is Comedic Gold

In a brilliant episode of the Fred Minnick show, Minnick shipped five fine whiskeys to famous celebrity gossip personality Perez Hilton, and the pair sipped them together over a video call. Hilton hilariously tried to inhale the smell of the first whiskey in with his mouth when Minnick advised him to keep his mouth open while he smelled it — so remember that Hilton is a complete novice when it comes to whiskey, which is what made this video absolute gold.

We recommend watching the full video, but if you’d like some cliff notes, we’ve compiled Hilton’s tasting notes for each whiskey.

Michter’s 10 Rye Whiskey

Nose: “I don’t know, it smells like alcohol.”

Taste: “Augh, ah, it’s burning! Oh my God. Oh, that’s gross. Oh that’s disgusting. You like that? Oh my God, wow.”

291 Colorado Whiskey

Nose: “This smells better. … I mean, it still smells very alcohol-like, but there’s a different smell. I think I’ll like this one a little better.”

Taste: “That one’s not bad. Smoother.”

Old Rip Van Winkle

Nose: *Lots of sniffing, both of the open bottle and his cup, but no comment*

Taste: *Coughs* “Not for me. … That one was better than the very first one I tried, the Michter’s, but not as good as the 291.”

Old Schenley Bourbon 1942

Nose: No nose notes on this one. Hilton went right for the sip.

Taste: “Not bad. I’d say that’s the second one after the 291. It’s definitely smooth. I don’t know what makes 291 and this one smoother, but I like a smooth one.”

Wild Turkey Bottled in Bond

Nose: No nose notes again, just a comment that he is “totally tipsy right now,” which could explain his forgetting to smell.

Taste: “Hm, no. No. I’m not a whiskey fan.”

There you have it. Hilton did thank Minnick for sending him the whiskeys despite the fact that he clearly didn’t get a ton of enjoyment out of the flavors. Again, we recommend watching the video in its entirety, because quotes can’t do justice to the faces and gagging noises Hilton made.

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