Sampling as a Service Changing Alcohol Shopping Experience
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Booze Sampling Experience is Getting a Major Upgrade for Consumers, Brands Alike

Sampling as a Service

Sourced Craft Cocktails’ new “Sampling as a Service” is changing the game. (Photo: Sourced Craft Cocktails)

Sourced Craft Cocktails is offering a service that aims to change the way shoppers sample alcohol and the way alcohol brands collect consumer data.

Sourced’s new “Sampling as a Service,” or SaaS for short, will attempt to replace the practice of liquor store employees pacing around the store or sitting behind a table offering small plastic cups of booze to shoppers with a much more luxurious experience.

SaaS gives alcohol brands the chance to present their products in stores with mixologists present, high-end bar carts and branding. Plus, those mixologists will offer consumers the chance to taste spirits in cocktails (“the way consumers really want to try it,” Sourced described in a news release) rather than neat pourings being the only option.

For alcohol brands, SaaS presents more than just great advertising. The service will collect anonymous data from every consumer who samples the alcohol via proprietary software, according to the release.

“We are offering better value to consumers through a more luxurious experience in-store while adding extraordinary amounts of value for the alcohol brands, who can now track what alcohol is being sampled by whom, what people are favoring, and what their demographics are,” Tim Angelillo, founder and CEO of Sourced, said in the release. “Gone are the days of alcohol sampling where consumers try a sip of alcohol in a plastic cup, at room temperature, where the retailers and brands have zero visibility as to how their products are performing and which clientele they’re attracting.”

SaaS was rolled out in late July, according to the release, and has held over 500 sampling events, with brands including Fistful of Bourbon, El Silencio Mezcal, William Grant & Sons and Monkey Shoulder. Sourced is using SaaS in 17 states and plans to expand to 30 states by the end of 2022.

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