Top 6 Valentine’s Day Gifts, Promotions From Booze Industry
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Express Your Love, Send Your Ex a Prickly Surprise and Much More: 6 Valentine’s Day Gifts and Promotions From Booze Industry

As Valentine’s Day nears, beverage companies aplenty are launching special releases and promotions in celebration. Valentine’s Day means something a little different to everyone, and how you feel about the holiday probably depends on your relationship status. Brands understand that. Some of these releases or promotions are perfect for the madly in-love couple, while others approach the holiday with cynicism and an eye roll.

6. Four Roses Pairs Flowers and Bourbon for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Four Roses

(Photo: Four Roses)

Four Roses and Nanz & Kraft Florists are offering Louisville lovers the perfect Valentine’s Day package: Flowers and bourbon.

The package includes a dozen Heart Roses — a special rose variety known for a large petal count that creates the shape of a heart — along with a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch signed by Master Distiller Brent Elliott. The roses are accented with eucalyptus and other greenery and accompanied by a gold satin bow.

The limited-edition package is available now on in-store at Nanz & Kraft Florists located at 141 Breckenridge Lane in Louisville, Kentucky, or online for $129.95.

$10 from every order will benefit the American Heart Association.

Read the full story here.

5. Celebrity Tattoo Artist Teams Up With Fireball To Help You Cover Up That Tattoo You Regret

Valentine's Day

(Photo: Fireball Cinnamon Whisky)

This Valentine’s Day, Fireball is staying on-brand. Instead of some wholesome, lovey-dovey promotion, the cinnamon whiskey is taking a sardonic look at the holiday of love. Fireball knows that lots of people get tattoos they regret, especially matching tattoos, or even the name of, an ex-partner.

So, for Valentine’s Day — or (Anti) Valentine’s Day, as Fireball called it in a news release — the brand partnered with celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy to create three custom Fireball-inspired designs to cover your inked regrets with.

Unfortunately, JonBoy, who has tatted up celebs such as Bella Hadid, Post Malone, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, doesn’t have time to personally give you a tattoo over your ex’s name. Instead, you’ll have to download or print out one of the three designs and take it to your local tattoo artist.

Read the full story and see the tattoo designs here.

4. Slide in Those DMs: Landing a First Date on Valentine’s Day Could Earn You Big Money Courtesy of Truly


(Photo: Truly Hard Seltzer)

Truly Hard Seltzer announced Thursday that it is offering cash rewards to some lucky fans who land a first date on Valentine’s Day.

“Any adventurous drinkers who slide into their love interests’ DMs, send a risky text or call their new boo to make plans for a Valentine’s Day first date will get reimbursed by Truly Hard Seltzer,” Truly wrote in a news release.

Those 21 and older may enter to win by tweeting proof of their date, in the form of a creative pick-up line DM, a pre-first-date selfie or a mid-date photo. Just tag @TrulySeltzer and include the #TrulyVibin hashtag in the tweet to be entered.

The brand is offering a year’s supply of Truly ($1,000 via Cash App) to the five “boldest of the bold” submissions it receives. Other “most creative” submissions will win $100, also via Cash App.

If your first date goes really well, Truly is offering an even grander prize: Any couples that get engaged to be married within one year of that first Valentine’s Day date will have their wedding paid for their wedding bar fully stocked with up to $50,000 worth of Truly.

Submissions are open now through the end of February. Winners will be selected March 1.

Read the full story here.

3. Four Roses Partners With Famous Chefs to Bring You the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Menu Paired With Cocktails

Four Roses

(Photo: Four Roses)

Yep, Four Roses cracks this list twice. While its previous entry was only for Louisvillians, this offering is available to anyone who can find the ingredients needed. With many couples expected to stay home this Valentine’s Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Four Roses has tapped chef and TV personality Stephanie Izard and chefs and restauranteurs Ford Fry and Chad Colby — of Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles, respectively — to curate menus for Valentine’s Day. Each recipe is paired with a signature Four Roses Valentine’s Day cocktail by Natalie Migliarini, mixologist, author, and founder of Beautiful Booze.

Izard’s menu starts with Shrimp-Strawberry Lettuce Wraps, followed by Beef Short Ribs with Caramelized Onions and finishes with a decadent Chocolate Cake. Fry’s consists of Crispy Sourdough with N’duja and Burrata, “Little Ear” Pasta with Heritage Breed Pork, Broccoli and Fennel, and a Salted Chocolate Budino to end the meal. Colby offers Burrata Caprese, Antico Steak with Salsa Verde, and No Bake Ricotta Budino.

Migliarini’s cocktail menu includes cocktails like Strawberry Bourbon Smash, Strawberry Love and the Old Fashioned Valentine, using ingredients like Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, chocolate bitters and strawberry syrup.

This is an excellent choice for the couple who likes to cook together (or for one partner who likes to cook for the other) and would like to enjoy a romantic meal and cocktails together. Plus, the only cost is the ingredients.

Check out the menus here.

2. Heaven’s Door Launches Trio of Sampler Whiskeys

Heaven's Door

(Photo: Heaven’s Door)

Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan’s distillery, released its trilogy collection just in time for Valentine’s Day — “the perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life,” as the brand said in a news release. The collection comes with three 200-milliliter bottles of different Heaven’s Door expressions: Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey and Straight Rye Whiskey.

Heaven’s Door makes quality whiskey. Both bourbons included in this collection are excellent, and the rye made our recent list of Six Great Rye Buys Under $100.

Priced at $59 for three 200-milliliter bottles, this isn’t a cheap gift, but it also isn’t a bank-breaker. We have to agree with Heaven’s Door. This is a great gift for the whiskey lover in your life.

Buy it here.

1. Ruin Your Ex’s Valentine’s Day (or Just Leave Them Really Confused) With a Cactus at Their Door

Valentine's Day

(Photo: Topo Chico Hard Seltzer)

We’ve got something for everyone this Valentine’s Day, even the bitter ex. If that’s you (we’re not judging) Topo Chico Hard Seltzer will send your ex a cactus. Why send your ex a cactus? We’re not entirely sure — shock value? Maybe they’ll prick themselves on it. No guarantees on that front.

And, as Topo Chico pointed out in a news release, the cactus is “bolder (and sharper) than your typical bouquet of flowers.”

The best part: It only costs $2.14 (Like Feb. 14, get it?). Topo Chico will even leave a card with the cactus, which you can use to explain to your ex why you sent them a cactus. Or say something funny, or mysterious. Your cactus, your card, your call.

Plus, purchasers in certain states will be eligible for 50% off a 12-pack of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer. A 12-pack of Topo Chico costs about $15, so by spending $2.14, you can actually save $7.50 on Topo Chico. That’s a hell of a bargain, even before you consider the cactus of it all. So even if you don’t have an ex you’d like to leave with a spiky surprise, you could always send it as a gag gift to a friend and reap the 50%-off reward.

The order is limited to one per customer. Sorry to anyone out there with a horde of exes who each deserve a cactus on their doorsteps.

Order here.

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