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5 Essential Whiskey Glasses for Every Home Bar

Whiskey Glasses

When it comes to drinking whiskey, the glass used is one of the most important tools. But how do you choose the right one for you?

There are many different kinds of glasses to consider and most whiskey drinkers have strong opinions about which is best, and for good reason. The kind of glass you use impacts the entire drinking experience.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the five best whiskey glasses to have on your home bar.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

The Glencairn is one of the most commonly used glasses by connoisseurs and judges because of its shape. The tulip shape of the glass, from the bowl to the wide rim, works to allow the drinker to fully appreciate the whiskey inside.

The bowl is smaller than that of a snifter but still displays the color of the dram well. The shape of the tapered opening funnels the aromas to your nose. The shape also lets the whiskey develop before being enjoyed.

Because of this, the Glencain glass is used almost exclusively for drinking whiskey neat and is the unofficial scotch glass. So, if drinking neat is your thing, The Glencairn is the glass you need on your whiskey bar.

Best Glencairn Glass to Buy

There’s only one true Glencairn glass (beware knockoffs!), so no need to get anything fancy. Any Glencairn off Amazon will serve you well.

Rocks Glass

The rocks glass, or Old Fashioned glass, is a short, wide glass that holds between 8 and 10 ounces, which is important because it needs to be able to hold a substantial piece of ice and support a muddler.

Rocks glasses are often ornate, however, it’s become more and more common to find them in more modern, simple styles.

Best Rocks Glass

Similar to the Glencairn, it’s the shape that makes the glass, with the size being the key component. There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg; just get a glass that fits your style. That being said, our favorite would be have to be this set of Rolf Glass Bleecker Street On The Rocks from ReserveBar.


The highball glass is a glass made for cocktails called highballs. These cocktails are typically made directly in the glass and consist of a shot and topped with soda or juice.

Best Highball Glass

The best highball glass is going to be between 8 and 16 ounces, and while there are many different styles to choose from, a good pick is the True Highball Glasses from Total Wine.

These glasses are not only the ideal size, but they are clear so you can admire the hard work put into the whiskey cocktail in the glass.


Flasks are meant to discreetly carry hard liquor and today are often given as groomsman gifts. They are typically carried in a jacket pocket and can be found just about anywhere. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all flasks are made the same.

Best Flask

Right now, we are loving the gunmetal Warren Flask from Total Wine. It’s a simple black, but the gunmetal makes it a cool gift for the whiskey fan in your life.

Heavy Tumbler

A heavy tumbler is essentially what it sounds like. It’s a tumbler with a heavier bottom, making it feel really substantial and sturdy in your hand. They’re harder to spill and make for excellent gifts.

Best heavy bottom tumbler

Norlan Glass is one of the originators of the heavy bottom tumbler and offers two sizes. This glass is often used as a rocks glass but is also a great option for drinking whiskey neat when you want something heavier in your hand.

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