Top 7 Irish Whiskey Bottles That Won't Break the Bank
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7 Irish Whiskey Favorites That Won’t Break The Bank

As Irish whiskey sales reach an all-time high, many people are left wondering which Irish whiskey they should try next.

Below are seven solid Irish whiskeys that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a whiskey to enjoy with friends or family without overspending, these are perfect choices.

Under-$20 Winner

Irish Whiskey

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey is the best choice for an inexpensive dram, and in many places, it’s sold for under $20. It boasts citrus notes and would make a great addition to an Irish mule cocktail.

If you must have Jameson…


Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

Jameson is not known for its incredible flavors, but it is a fan favorite, especially in bars where you can easily find it. It’s inexpensive and quickly goes down, making it the go-to for many people (myself included because I’m a sucker for college nostalgia).

So, if you must have Jameson, skip the classic and get Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition. It retails for around $30 and is worth the purchase.

If you want something kitschy

Irish whiskey

The Sexton Single Malt is The Official Whiskey of “The Walking Dead”

Sexton is a decent Irish whiskey that plays into the gothic aesthetic with the top-hat-wearing skeleton on the bottle. Not to mention, is the official whiskey of “The Walking Dead,” so if horror and gothic are your thing, or you need a Halloween gift, this is the one to grab.

The price hovers right around $30, so it’s a good choice for that price range.

Under-$40 Winner

Irish whiskey

Teeling boasts many awards in the whiskey world. It garners high remarks from many critics due to its high proof and non-chill filtration process. It is a light whiskey with a bit of a kick, and for $25, the worst-case scenario is you get a whiskey for mixing.

When you want to impress someone

Irish whiskey

Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey

Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey has an excellent reputation for a bottle that will cost less than $50. While there is no age statement, it is said to drink like a more mature whiskey.

For drinking neat

Irish whiskey

Bushmills 10yr Single Malt

For $40, you can get your hands on a 10-year-old whiskey that drinks great over ice. Bushmills 10 Year Single Malt is aged in Sherry casks and bourbon-seasoned casks, giving it honey, vanilla and milk chocolate notes on the nose.

If you have a $100 gift card to Bevmo

Irish whiskey

Redbreast 12yr Cask Strength

Redbreast 12yr Cask Strength is on the pricier side and will set you back around $75. However, Redbreast is always a good idea to splurge on, matured in Bourbon seasoned American Oak barrels and Oloroso Sherry seasoned Spanish oak barrels.

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