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WATCH: Joel McHale & Monkey Shoulder Crash First Dates To Help Folks Find Love

After just watching this campaign with Joel McHale and Monkey Shoulder Scotch, I have never been so excited about a celebrity whisky mashup as I am about this.

Unlike a typical collaboration, McHale is not creating a signature whisky, which is part of the draw of the campaign. It’s fun, and unexpected- right in line with Monkey Shoulder’s brand.

“There’s nothing worse on a first date than someone trying too hard – thinking they’ll impress someone they met on a dating app by dragging them to a four-hour German opera,” said McHale.

“A first date should be about forging a real, honest connection – kind of like the connection I have with my new friends at Monkey Shoulder. They give me whisky and in return, I give them pull quotes for press releases. But together, we also want to bring this idea of honesty and spontaneity to first dates. And I’m willing to lead by example – by inviting myself along on your next date night to make it as fun and unpredictable as possible. I have some ideas I’ve been told are ‘bold,’ ‘wild,’ and ‘potentially unlawful’ (kidding of course…). It’s gonna be great!”

This campaign shows Monkey Shoulder lean into the reputation of not being the most desirable scotch on the market. “Never one to be taken seriously” is the perfect way to promote itself and encourage people to drink scotch however they want.

While I’ve never been a fan of Monkey Shoulder, I will say Joel McHale makes me want to pick up a bottle tonight. Well played, Monkey Shoulder, well played.

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