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AirBnB Could Be Your Path To Becoming A Master Distiller


The Lowland Scotch Distillery “Annandale” has listed their property on the popular accommodations site, AirBnB.  While most listings provide alternatives to hotels with people providing apartments or guest rooms to travelers for short or long-term stays, the independent distillery is offering not only lodging in cottages near the facility, but a full distillery experience as well.

Annandale Distillery, located in Annan, Scotland, will allow bookings this summer to gain a full distillery production experience. The 2-night stay will include hands on experience of the distilling process from delivery of the malt to filling barrels with whisky.  After being a part of the production process of their whisky, the reservation will include a whisky tasting and meal at The Globe Inn in Dumfries prepared by Michelin Star experienced chefs.  Each guest will also receive a bottle of Annandale Single Malt Whisky.  Reservations can be made starting May 17th, and will run £480 for two people.  It is only available for U.K. residents.

AirBnB could be the next big thing for distilleries to bring in tourism and offering new and exciting experiences.  Jim Beam previously listed their Claremont, KY still house for limited stays including a tour, tasting, and BBQ meal.  With the excitement and marketing exposure, don’t be surprised to see more and more distilleries jump on and list their property on the site to cater to whisky fans that want the ultimate experience.

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