This 500-Year-Old Pub is Available for Rental on Airbnb
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Pour Your Own Drinks: You Can Now Book a 500-Year-Old Pub With Airbnb


White Hart Inn is available for rental. (Photo: Airbnb)

If you’ve ever been in a bar and thought it was too crowded, and you’d rather have the whole place to yourself and your friends, White Hart Inn in Lincolnshire, England, has the perfect opportunity for you.

For £667 ($905) a night, you can rent out the 500-year-old pub through Airbnb. That seems rather expensive, but the pub sleeps 14 guests in six bedrooms and a sofa bed (with seven bathrooms). Bring 13 friends with you, and suddenly you’re each only paying £47.64 (about $65) a night. Frankly, that’s a bargain.

There’s also a sofa bed in the inn, which can sleep two more. With 16 guests, that per-person price falls to £41.69 (about $57).

The rental nets you more than just sleeping quarters. Guests are allowed to pour their own pints. If you order in advance, you can even request to have your favorite beers hooked up to the pumps so you can enjoy your choice pints on draught. You also have access to the entire kitchen. If you order ahead, the fridge can be stocked with what you’d like.

The dining room seats 20 people with room for up to 40 standing.

Beyond drinking and cooking, guests can watch TV, play music, board games or darts, enjoy a private terrace and have a barbeque or outdoor fire.

“Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take over an entire pub in the picturesque countryside of the Lincolnshire Wolds. There’s plenty to do, from pulling pints at your own bar, playing pool against your friends or hosting a meal in this charming historical inn,” the Airbnb listing reads.

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