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Prime Day Whiskey Deals: Top Picks To Add To Your Cart Right Now

Amazon Prime Day is here, and with it come a literal million+ deals that require sorting through. Prime Day is known for unleashing some incredible bargains, but also an incredible amount of fluff – think of it as Amazon’s annual garage sale sort of day. Like any garage sale, some sorting is required to separate the steals, the gems, the masterpieces from the junk and the fluff.

Here at Whiskey Raiders, we’ve sorted through everything whiskey related that’s Prime Day discounted. We’ve dug through mountains of whiskey stones (which you should pass on, by the way) and other unhelpful offerings to find the best accessories worth snagging today.

Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

There’s no better glass than the one you have at hand. While the Glencairn is the defacto glass for folks deep diving into their dram, a standard double old fashioned glass works great for neat pours, cocktails (like the Old Fashioned, duh) and even pouring a glass of water to keep next to your dram for a drop or for refreshing your palate. Produced in Italy, this set of four comes in under $15, with free Prime shipping. Buy Now.

BPA Free Silicone Ice Molds

Whether you’re a fan of your whiskey neat or on the rocks, ice is a staple of the whiskey world. Nobody likes a warm cocktail, after all. Since ice cube molds see many warming and cooling cycles, it’s important to find BPA free molds. Silicone is a particularly great material for molds since it is flexible when warm, but has the structure and stability to hold ice properly as it’s freezing. Our favorite set from Prime Day incorporates both sphere and cube molds, to meet either of your preferences. Buy Now.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Beans

Much like the fervor of single barrel bourbon and whiskey, there’s a lot of fun and education to be taken from trying single barrels of different origins side by side. The same goes for barrel aged coffee beans and Cooper’s Cask is up to the task to deliver. A variety of Colombian, Sumatran, Ethiopian and Rwandan single origin coffee beans are left to age in whiskey barrels before roasting and packaging. Compare the influence whiskey has on each style of bean. Since we can’t drink whiskey all day (or shouldn’t), whiskey barrel aged coffee beans are perfect to do the trick until whiskey o’clock rolls around. Buy Now

There you have it. Toss these in your cart and be on your merry way, knowing you’ve picked up the best that Prime Day has to offer the whiskey world.

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