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American Whiskey Brand Luxco Seals Deal To Bring More Whiskey To UK

Luxco has secured the listing of two of its whiskey brands to use Oddbins stores as the exclusive retailer for the United Kingdom.  Ezra Brooks Bourbon and Minor Case Rye Whiskey will be sold through the chain’s 15 locations as well as through their website.  The two brands also become the first American Whiskies to be sold by Oddbins.

“We have been focusing on growing our presence in the UK market in partnership with our distributor Lightbox Brands and the reception from UK consumers has been exceptional,” says Greg Mefford, the International Sales Director at Luxco.

Ana Sapungiu, head buyer at Oddbins, said of the partnership: “The flavour profiles of these two serves simply can’t be replicated because of their unique provenance – something our customers are increasingly looking for when they purchase.”

The UK market is remarkably understocked in American whiskeys. In the United States, hundreds of Scotch brands can be found for sale, but the inverse: American whiskey in the UK, typically only offers a couple of  core expressions from select American producers.

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