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Are You Ready To Start Drinking Your Bourbon From A Can?

Ready-To-Drink cocktails (or RTDs) have been experiencing a similar boom to bourbon, with the IWSR expecting the category to experience 21.8% compound annual growth in volume until 2024.

While breweries have started ramping up production of seltzers, canned cocktails offer an equally attractive product for distilleries to offer.  Jim Beam will release two Bourbon Highball cocktails, one with ginger ale and the other with seltzer and citrus in time for sipping during the summer.  Both will be 5% ABV and be available in single cans or four packs.

Expect more distilleries to jump in, as Diageo recently announced an investment of $80 million to join the RTD market.  While not a cocktail, we’ve also seen Two Stack’s “Dram in a Can” which is just Irish Whiskey packaged in aluminum, but to some drinking neat is already the best cocktail.

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