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Beam to invest £6 Million in Restoration of Glen Garioch’s Distillery

Beam Suntory is investing £6 Million in restoration and upgrading the Glen Garioch’s Distillery in Oldmeldrum; One of the oldest operating distilleries of single malt scotch whiskey in Scotland.

“The renovation will see the distillery return to more traditional production processes while also introducing new cutting-edge technology for direct-fired distillation. The planned changes will also reduce the distillery’s carbon footprint.” According to the Beam Suntory website.

Glen Garioch’s renowned scotch whiskey distillery in Oldmeldrum

Glen Garioch’s renowned distillery in Oldmeldrum, Scotland.

However, the most significant aspect of the renovation is the return to traditional distilling methods rarely used in modern whiskey making; the installation of direct-fired heating to the wash still. Glen Garioch has a deep respect for their rich heritage, and their return to the more traditional methods is one way they can honor that.

In addition to the return, Glen Garioch has developed an efficient and safe method for direct-fired distillation. Beam believes this method will reduce Glen Garioch’s carbon footprint by about 15%.

“Coming from one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries, Glen Garioch is a rare find – a complex, hearty Highland malt, produced only in small batches. Our whisky has always been made with extraordinary care, and by reinvigorating its distillery and tapping into the brand’s rich history, we’ll be able to build on the quality and complexity that Glen Garioch is already known for. Although we’re looking to the past for inspiration – we’re opening the next chapter in Glen Garioch’s future.” The words of Francois Bazini, Beam Suntory’s Managing Director.

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