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As March Wraps Up, Here’s The Best Whiskey We Drank This Month

Best Whiskey

March was a busy month for the whiskey world, between St. Patrick’s Day and Women’s History Month. But what was the best whiskey that came out of March 2022? Below are our awards for the month.

Best Sourced Whiskey: Puncher’s Chance The D12tance –

Best Whiskey

Puncher’s Chance is a phenomenal flagship whiskey, and Puncher’s Chance The D12tance 12yr is no exception. Named after the famous saying “Go 12 rounds,” Puncher’s Chance is a brand with deep roots in the fighting industry.

The tasting notes include bitter oak, buttercream and toffee. The cabernet is apparent with a rich, syrupy berry character and some oak and sweetness. Pralines, roasted nuts and caramelized maple.

The suggested retail price is set at $120.

Best Scotch Release Aultmore Year Old

Best Whiskey

Aultmore 18 Year Old is aged for 18 years, bottled at 46% ABV, and newly imported to the U.S. under the recently relaxed bottle volume guidelines.

The tasting notes include a bit of smoke, salinity, crushed stone and lemon curd. It has enough smoke to give it complexity but is by no means a peated or heavily smoky dram. There is also vanilla bean, toffee, fresh rising bread and salted caramel. Consumers can expect a rich dram for 46% ABV.

Best Limited Edition Bourbon Release: Heaven Hill Collection 17 Year Old

Best Whiskey

This release is particularly exciting because it is a blend of older whiskeys, with the youngest bearing that 17-year age statement.

It is composed of a 17-year whiskey (28%), 19-year whiskey (44%) and 20-year (28%) whiskey and will retail for just under $300. It’s rare to see a newly released 17-year-old bourbon on the shelf, and it’s even rarer to see this kind of composition on the modern whiskey stage.

Best Limited Edition Scotch Release: Octomore 10.4

Best Whiskey

This Octomore expression breaks the trend of Octomore’s releases getting older and older. Can a younger, heavily peated release stand up? Virgin Oak is a powerful beast in the maturation space, and the PPM level of 88 at three years old stands up to the task.

Tasting notes include a brash, bold blend of aggressive new oak, old peat, ash and all of the meaty funk we expect from Octomore. This is a release never to forget.

Best Finished Whiskey: Bardstown Bourbon Company KBS

Best Whiskey

KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) has long been a well-known beer in the industry, and its stout is infused with coffee and cocoa before maturing in ex-bourbon barrels. Stout-finished whiskey is often polarizing among critics and enthusiasts alike. However, this one is a winner.

The majority of beer finishes result in an overly sweet, malty and phony chocolate blend of notes that don’t land well. This, on the other hand, works nicely and surely will be divisive yet pleasant to many.

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