Big Nose Kate Taps Brewery For Beer And Shot Collaboration
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Melissa McCarthy’s Whiskey Brand and Award-Winning Craft Brewery Unveil Boilermaker Collaboration Inspired by Notorious Female Outlaw — And It May Be Available at a Bar Near You

Big Nose Kate

Big Nose Kate Western Whiskey and Matchless Brewing are launching a boilermaker collaboration (Photo: Big Nose Kate Western Whiskey)

New Mexico whiskey brand Big Nose Kate and Washington-based beer company Matchless Brewing have released a new beer and shot collaboration that could be coming to a bar near you, the brands announced Monday. The beer, named “Brave & Adventurous” is composed of 35% Vienna, 18% Rye and 47% Pilsner hops, and was inspired by the mashbill of Big Nose Kate Whiskey. It was designed to pair with the Santa Fe distillery’s blend of rye and American single malt whiskey.

“Matchless approaches their craft with the same boundless creativity we do,” stated Mel Heim, co-founder and distiller of Big Nose Kate. “We became friends over the love of our work and together have elevated the average boilermaker with this novelty pairing specifically designed for Kate’s spirit.”

Matchless created the beer in celebration of Maria Izabella Magdolna, whose nickname was “Big Nose Kate.” Kate was described as many things: an outlaw, a gambler, a prostitute and a self-made woman. She crossed paths with gunslingers like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp and was a formidable figure in the Wild West, according to the brand.

“It was fun to be able to build a recipe for a beer that plays with and complements the unique flavors of BNK whiskey,” said Grant Bolt, president of Matchless Brewery. “The result is what we are calling a Saloon Lager, a beer that highlights the rye malt character in both beverages while providing a lighter contrast that only a lager beer can bring to the table. It’s the perfect pairing that keeps you sipping on.”

The boilermaker combination will be available for purchase at over 70 saloons and bars throughout Washington and Oregon. A boilermaker is a mix of a beer and a shot of liquor, often beloved by bartenders. These shot and beer combinations typically favor pints of lighter beers with a well whiskey, according to Vinepair.

The brand announced a partnership with Melissa McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, in November, which was revealed by McCarthy on her Instagram page. The couple invested in the company, becoming part-owners.

The “Bridesmaids” star claimed she was drawn to Big Nose Kate’s story because she was “an independent badass who more than held her own in the wild west.” She claims that she and her husband “fell in love,” with Kate — but then clarified “not like a throuple situation.”

Falcone is also an actor, known for roles in “Tammy” and the hit TV series “New Girl.”

Fans of Big Nose Kate in search of a boilermaker featuring the brand can attend a launch party from 5-9 p.m. Aug. 31 held at Portland’s Leisure Public House. Those based in Washington can visit Thirsty Sasquatch in Vancouver on Sept. 6 from 5-9 p.m.

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