$1.2 Billion Expansion To Boost Output For Buffalo Trace Distillery
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Billions With A ‘B’: One Of Kentucky’s Most Famous Distillers Continues $1.2B Expansion

Buffalo Trace's 11 New Warehouses

As the whiskey industry continues to see record sales, even amid the COVID pandemic, one thing is clear: things are still just getting started.

This week, Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky, shared news of their expansion. Well under way, the 1.2 Billion dollar project is expanding every facet of the distillery’s presence.

Adding additional fermenters, a whole new still, and 11 new warehouses is one of the most aggressive expansion projects a Kentucky distiller has undergone.

Some have been doubting the sustainability of sales in the whiskey industry, especially as the pandemic continues. Global trends, the health conscious nature of new generations and general change in taste are all legitimate concerns for the industry. It’s clear that Buffalo Trace has considered the risks of bourbon’s long term viability and is not concerned at all.

11 new warehouses for aging whiskey (likely to be majority Bourbon and Rye whiskey) should give the operation room for 220,000-495,000 barrels of whiskey. This significant expansion will allow Buffalo Trace to boost market releases in as little as 2-4 years (around the age they start including barrels in releases), as well as potentially look to increase the sourcing they do for third parties. Much like the Barton distillate that Buffalo Trace is selling to Trader Joe’s for their new high proof release, the expanded operation output also may allow Buffalo Trace to help turnkey brand new labels. The expansion could empower the distiller to help other companies bring on new labels, not unlike Molson Coor’s new Five Trail blended whiskey, that’s made with the help of Bardstown Bourbon Company.

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