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As Warmer Weather Nears, Blue Moon Debuts LightSky Tropical Wheat Low-Calorie Beer, Launches Sweepstakes for ‘TropiCooler’ Minifridge

LightSky Tropical Wheat

Blue Moon has launched LightSky Tropical Wheat, the second addition to its LightSky line of low-calorie beers. In this photo, you can catch a glimpse of the new brews housed within the LightSky TropiCooler, a limited-edition minifridge. Read on to find out how you can win a TropiCooler. (Photo: Blue Moon)

Blue Moon on Wednesday launched the second flavor of its LightSky brand of light, low-calorie beer: LightSky Tropical Wheat, brewed with pineapple and orange juice. The new release weighs in at 95 calories with 3.4 grams of carbs and 4% ABV.

“When we launched Blue Moon LightSky nearly two years ago, we challenged the flavor drinkers expect to find in a light beer and it’s still going strong– at the end of 2021, LightSky remained the top light beer in the craft segment,” said Mara Schaefer, senior director of above premium beer at Molson Coors Beverage Company. “Tropical Wheat builds on this momentum and what consumers love most about LightSky – its unbelievable flavor and sessionability – with a pineapple-forward flavor proposition.”

LightSky Tropical Wheat Review

We were able to taste LightSky Tropical Wheat ahead of the launch and must say we enjoyed it.

LightSky Tropical Wheat

The nose is disarmingly sweet with tons of pineapple and fresh orange juice. On the palate, however, the sweet, fruity notes are quite well balanced — nowhere near as overpowering or sickly sweet as the nose would lead you to believe. The taste opens up with crisp lager, followed by heavy citrus, with pineapple and orange leading the charge.

We prefer this new iteration to the original LightSky Citrus Wheat, which debuted in 2020. Citrus Wheat isn’t bad, but it’s more of what we expect from a low-calorie, light beer: light, clean and standard. It brings a lot of orange peel on the palate, while Tropical Wheat delivers the much sweeter orange-juice flavor. Citrus Wheat is solid, but Tropical Wheat is distinctive. It will be a great summer beer to drink outdoors while staying healthy.

LightSky Tropical Wheat

LightSky TropiCooler Sweepstakes

To celebrate the launch of Tropical Wheat, Blue Moon LightSky is releasing the LightSky TropiCooler, a limited-edition minifridge made to hold LightSky Tropical Wheat beer cans.

The LightSky TropiCooler will not be available for sale but will be given away in sweepstakes. Fans of Blue Moon 21 and older can enter for a chance to win a LightSky TropiCooler — and a 12-pack of Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat, of course — at

The brand did not say how many minifridges will be given away, only that it is a “limited quantity.” The sweepstakes will run through March 10.

“With early sunsets and dark days, we could all use a taste of the tropics and some much-needed brightness in this the last stretch of winter,” Schaefer said. “Just like LightSky Tropical Wheat, the TropiCooler brings light and flavor to your drinking this season and most importantly, allows you to savor every sip as if you’re relaxing in the sun somewhere warm.”

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