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BREAKING: Connor McGregor To Stay On With His Whiskey Company After Cashing Out

Connor McGregor used his penchant for smack talk not only to gain notoriety in MMA, but also to hype up his Spirits Company, Eire Born Spirits.  Despite the lack of complexity in the whiskey itself, the brand shot up in popularity from the outspoken fighter and gaining endorsement from the UFC in the 2.5 years since its creation. With Saint Paddy’s day recently behind us, there’s no doubt the brand sold more than a little bit of whiskey in the beginning quarters of 2021 thus far.

Courtesy: Proper 12 Whiskey

It was recently reported that Mexican based spirits giant, Becle, would acquire the brand and a controlling majority in the EBS company.  Details of the sale weren’t disclosed at the time and there was much speculation whether Becle would cut out the celebrity, due to incidents regarding him trying to promote the brand.  McGregor was arrested and pleaded guilty to assaulting a man in a bar in Dublin when McGregor took it personally that the man did not want to try his whiskey.

The exact details still have not be released, but Becle has announced that they have acquired 51% of the company and that Connor McGregor and his associates would “… retain an interest in the brand and will maintain active roles in the whiskey’s future.” Most notably, Shanken News Daily is reporting Ken Austin as saying “It’s hard to predict how long it’s going to take, but I’m looking at a million cases and saying that’s a starting point for this brand,” he said. “Conor is very, very fixated on this being a multi-million case brand. I wouldn’t count him out ever.”

Courtesy: Proper 12 Whiskey

It sure feels like McGregor was turning his back on his promotion of the brand being “Irish-Owned Forever,” but with the ownership deal potentially being worth $600 Million, it makes it a lot easier to sleep at night. After all – he technically he didn’t say “Majority Irish-Owned Forever”

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