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Build Your Own Whiskey With Designer Dram

If you’ve ever wanted to blend your own whiskey but can’t afford the heft price tag, Designer Dram has you covered. You can now make your own unique whiskey from barrel to bottle, complete with a custom label, all for $139.

Using their Whiskey Builder, you can choose the flavors in your preferred dram. By mixing a blend of base spirits—pure bourbon, rye bourbon, wheated bourbon, barley rye, and pure rye—until the bottle is filled.

Not sure where to start when choosing flavors? Designer Dram can help with that too. Under their ‘Create For Me’ tab, you are directed to take a palate test, and your custom whiskey is developed based on your preferences.

Designer Dram Custom Whiskey

Designer Dram Custom Whiskey (Image Courtesy of Designer Dram)

Once you’ve decided on what’s in the bottle, you get to choose from an array of label options you can also customize to your taste. According to Cool Hunting, “The entire package is wrapped in a black bow, tucked into a Designer Dram-labeled box and finished with a recipe card and handwritten note from its bottler.” Truly giving their patrons the star treatment.

In an interview with Cool Hunting, Designer Dram founders Divri and Dhanji said, “the concept for a custom whiskey creator stemmed from a shared affection for the liquid. They also aimed for more affordability to an otherwise astronomically priced experience. Using an algorithm Dhanji created along with a sensibility for customer service, Designer Dram was born”

The founders started by selecting barrels from MGP Ingredients and hired a team of master distillers for tasting to ensure that the concoctions created would be exactly right for their customers. While the pair does not blend the whiskey themselves, they do oversee the entire process to ensure the quality of their customer’s experience.

While we can’t blend the perfect whiskey for you here at Whiskey Raiders, you can look through our thousands of ratings and reviews to find the perfect whiskey for you.

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