Campari to Offer Employees Stock Shares Starting Next Year
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Campari to Offer Employees Company Stock Shares Starting Next Year


A barman prepares a Campari Seltz cocktail April 10, 2018, in the historic Campari bar located at the entrance of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel II in front of the Duomo, in Milan. In 2022, Campari will begin offering employees stock options in the company, according to the FIA CISL union. (Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

In the spirits industry, offering employees stock options in the company they work for is not anywhere near a common practice, as it is in other industries such as tech. Yet, starting next year, Italian spirits giant Campari will begin doing just that, offering employees the option to receive a portion of their salaries in the group’s shares, the FIA CISL union said Wednesday, according to Reuters.

The initiative will give employees the chance of getting bonus shares if they buy and hold shares for a certain length of time.

The union said the change will allow staff to share in the group’s financial results and encourage them to be more informed and take decisions on Campari’s future by attending shareholders’ meetings. The company’s success, as of late, is hard to understate – both sales and revenue are up for the spirits giant.

“We hope other groups will take similar initiatives,” FIA CISL said in a statement, per Reuters.

This is a great idea from Campari, for exactly the reasons they pointed out. Offering stock shares gives employees extra reason to get excited and invested (no pun intended) in the company’s success.

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