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‘Infinite Number of Beverages’: $30 Million Raised to Fund World’s 1st Drinks Printer

Beverage Printer

Move over, 3D printers. There’s a new machine in town that can print your favorite drink – and it just raised $30 million in funding.

Cana Technology’s molecular beverage printer is set to hit the market. With its innovative liquid-dispensing technology, consumers will be able to make an “infinite number” of drinks, and needless to say, the internet is buzzing for more than one reason.

Not only are people excited about the prospect of having access to a never-ending supply of their favorite beverage in their kitchen, but also the positive impact it can have on the environment.

Cana’s website even states the positive impact the dispenser will have, “We’ve found a better way. At Cana, we’re building the world’s first molecular beverage printer to bring the beverage aisle to your countertop. And no, this isn’t another pod machine. Any beverage, any time, greater convenience, and most importantly, dramatically less environmental impact.”

Vine Pair says that the company will be bringing the beverage aisle to your countertop, which will reduce the use of plastics that subsequentially line the drink aisle.

David Friedberg, food tech entrepreneur and investor in Cana, posted to Twitter as well, saying: “Today we’re introducing Cana, where we aim to deliver a molecular beverage printer for every home, letting anyone “print” an infinite variety of beverages instantly in their own kitchen – coffee, tea, cocktails, juice, soda, wine all from one device..”

The prospect of having access to a never-ending supply of our favorite beverages in our kitchen is enough to make anyone excited. However, the real excitement will be how the new technology shapes the way we consume and affects our purchasing habits and the environment.

For now, we can only speculate what that will be like, and look forward to a whole new world of cocktails waiting for us on our countertop.

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