Circumstance Distillery Made Bristol's 1st Whisky Since WW2
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Whisky Hasn’t Been Distilled in 1 of the UK’s Largest Cities Since World War II — Until Now

Circumstance Distillery

Circumstance Distillery has released the first whisky to be made in Bristol, England, in about 80 years.

The first whisky to be distilled in Bristol, England, since the city’s last distillery was destroyed during World War II, has arrived.

Circumstance Distillery in Whitehall, Bristol, has released its inaugural single-grain whisky. Circumstance Co-Founder Liam Hirt said he was inspired by the “boom” the whisky industry is enjoying and he became interested in whisky about four years ago, according to BBC.

“It is a huge industry. It is obviously dominated by Scotch and the American whiskies,” Hirt told BBC. “But the new territories, like England, Wales [and] Australia, they are making some excellent whiskies that are going to be taking a larger portion of that market.”

Circumstance’s first whisky release, Circumstance Distillery Single Grain Whisky, is not the first whisky Circumstance has made but is the first to be released, Hirt said.

The whisky was aged in an ex-bourbon cask for 37 months to produce 500 bottles. About 80% of the bottles were allocated, and the rest were sold via the distillery’s website, where the whisky has already sold out in 10 minutes following its release Monday.

The whisky will still be available to try around Bristol, however.

The whisky was bottled at 44.5% ABV and priced at £60 ($69) per 700-milliliter bottle.

Circumstance also makes rums, vodkas and grain spirits.

Bristol is the fifth-biggest city in the United Kingdom by population, according to World Population Review.

Circumstance Distillery Single Grain Whisky Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Nose: scrumpy cider, lemon zest and milk chocolate

Taste: Hay-like sweetness with cream soda and delicate spice on the palate with a zesty finish.

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