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Dashing Under the Influence: Man Runs World’s Fastest Mile While Drinking

In what was just about the only instance of the infamous DUI that won’t land you in jail, Canadian runner Corey Bellemore recently was awarded the world record for a blistering mile time. The catch? He was running with a stomach full of beer. If it sounds like a zany crown to win, it’s because it is. The Beer Mile World Classic is a competition that’s taken place since 2015 in varying locations including Berlin, Vancouver and London.

The format of the race is as follows: drink a beer, run a quarter-mile, drink a beer, run a quarter-mile, drink a beer, run a quarter-mile, drink a beer, run a quarter-mile.

Bellemore, who is sponsored by Adidas, finished the race in an impressive 4:28.1. American Chris Robertson came in second place with a 4:40.8.

This was Bellemore’s third world-record-setting beer mile performance. He set the world record in 2016, his first year competing, with a 4:34.34cperformance, and then broke his own record the next year 2017 when he ran a 4:33.6.

Robertson’s personal record for the beer mile is 4:37.4, set in 2020. His is the closest recorded time to Bellemore’s record.

Bellemore’s dominance over the sport of beer mile is truly impressive and rare; think Wayne Gretzky to hockey, Michael Jordan to basketball, Joey Chestnut to hotdog-eating. Bellemore’s run of success is incredible, but we must say, we bet he could chop a solid chunk off that time if he drank whiskey instead of beer; he wouldn’t have to deal with all that foam.

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