Corsair to Start Selling Main Range of Booze in 'Mini-Cans'
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Tennessee Distillery Launches New ‘Mini-Cans’ of Booze Containing 2 Shots Each


Nashville, Tennessee distillery Corsair is selling its main range of products in “mini-cans.” (Photo: Corsair Distillery)

You’ve heard of miniature canned cocktails, but how about miniature cans of straight booze?

Nashville, Tennessee distillery Corsair on Tuesday announced the national release of new, tiny receptacles to hold its main range of products. Dubbed the “mini-can,” the trial-size cans hold a mere 100 milliliters. A standard shot is 44 milliliters, so these cans hold 2.27 shots each.

Corsair’s main range comprises Triple Smoke American Single Malt Whiskey, Dark Rye American Rye Malt Whiskey, American Gin and Barreled Gin. The mini-cans will be available starting in May across the U.S., allowing consumers to try their products on a small scale before going all-in on a full bottle.

“Spirits consumers have more options than ever, but knowing what you may or may not like is difficult without tasting it first,” Cosair Master Distiller Lorna Conrad said in a news release. “Our products are quite unique and that can cause some trepidation in buying a full bottle. We know once people try us out, they love the product, so the mini cans enable that trial” says Corsair Master Distiller Lorna Conrad. “There is the added benefit of having the perfect two shot pour in a sealed container, when you don’t need a whole bottle – like when you’re golfing or wanting a gin and tonic on the beach.”

The concept of a smaller serving of alcohol isn’t exactly ground-breaking; mini-bottles have been around for a long time now. Selling booze in cans is the more interesting part of this experiment. Liquor is almost always sold in bottles, and the canned brands that exist tend to have bad reputations. Still, Corsair is an award-winning brand (albeit one we haven’t always loved).

We have to wonder if the decision to use cans has to do with the ongoing glass shortage caused by COVID-19-related supply-chain delays. Alternatively, it’s plausible that the brand, realizing mini-bottles are ubiquitous, chose cans in an effort to stand out from the competition.

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