Wine Could Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds
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Drinking Wine Could Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds


A man pours a glass of a 2010 Chateau Climens 1er Cru-Barsac white wine Feb. 1, 2018, at the Chateau Climens in Barsac. A recent study suggested that drinking wine could reduce your chance of contracting COVID-19. (Photo: MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP via Getty Images)

A Chinese study, conducted through the UK Biobank and published in Frontiers in Nutrition, tracked the alcohol consumption of 473,957, 16,559 of whom tested positive for COVID-19.

The study’s results suggested that red wine, white wine and champagne each have a chance of reducing the risk of COVID-19. Low-frequency consumption, defined as one to two glasses per week, of fortified wine had a “protective effect against COVID-19,” according to the study. Wine drinkers rejoice.

For beer drinkers, this study’s implications are gloomier: “Consumption of beer and cider increased the COVID-19 risk, regardless of the frequency and amount of alcohol intake,” Xi-jian Dai et al. wrote in the study.

Furthermore, high-frequency, defined as five or more glasses per week, of spirits was shown to increase the risk of contracting COVID-19, whereas high-frequency consumption of white wine and champagne actually decreased COVID-19 risk.

From a more macro standpoint, the study suggested that an increase in alcohol consumption is linked with an increase in risk of contracting COVID-19 but does not have any bearing on COVID-19-associated mortality.

At the end of the day, correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation, so you probably don’t need to take this too seriously, despite the solid-sized sample. There are certainly bigger factors than if and what you drink when it comes to catching the coronavirus; white wine isn’t a mask or a vaccine. But if you’d like to be as safe as you can, perhaps it makes sense to cut down on the beer, cider and spirits and drink more white wine and champagne.

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