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The Ultimate Whiskey Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2022

Father’s Day is almost here, and so is the heat of summer! As spring draws its last breaths, there’s never been a better time to stock up on a few great bottles of whiskey, whether you’re hoping to find the perfect Father’s Day whiskey, whip up some cocktails, enjoy a pour after a day in the yard or a whiskey on the rocks in the evening as the sun goes down. Let’s dig in.

Lost Lantern Summer Collection

Lost Lantern

The cult-favorite independent bottlers found at Lost Lantern define a changing of the guard here in the United States. While independent bottlers are common and, honestly, the norm in Scotland, they’ve not penetrated the American market until lately. The Lost Lantern summer collection features the brand’s largest release of single casks to date and comprises some of the best whiskeys you can find on the market. While they may seem expensive, you can be sure every bottling was picked with care, as Nora and Adam visit every distillery before they sign off on bottling their products. That’s curation at its finest, and the quality shows.

Check Out The Collection


Father's Day Whiskey

Baker’s is an interesting project within the James B. Beam – better known as Jim Beam – portfolio. Recently revamped, reformulated, repackaged and relaunched, this killer bourbon represents perhaps the best bourbon of the day to gift or keep for yourself this Father’s Day. Bottled with at least 7 years of age (as the label shows), many are 8 years old or even older. Bottled at 107 proof, this bourbon packs a punch but follows up with no shortage of flavor.

Buy Baker’s 

Nose Your Bourbon Tasting Kit

Father's Day Whiskey

An out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-bottle, rather) gift, this thoughtfully compiled kit will help you taste and nose bourbon like never before. If you’ve ever wanted to get into drinking more mindfully, focusing on tasting notes, the pours you love and the pours you dislike, this is the key. Packed with bourbon and rye key notes, this kit helps you discover and isolate the notes you can often expect to find while building the neural pathways that experienced spirits critics use to taste and rate whiskey every day.

Check Out Nose Your Bourbon’s Nosing Kit

Knob Creek 12 Year

Knob Creek 12

It’s hard not to talk about Knob Creek, even with another Jim Beam product in the mix. Bottled at 50% ABV and aged for 12 years, this bourbon checks pretty every box a whiskey lover or enthusiast could want. Priced aggressively, it’s an easy pickup for a more curious drinker hoping to step into older, more premium whiskey with a price tag that doesn’t show it. Even better, these have become easier to find by the year, which tackles one of “hot” bourbon’s most difficult aspects: being able to find the bourbon you want to drink. It’s an unbelievable combination of quality, age and availability: the golden trifecta of American Whiskey.

Buy Knob Creek 12 Year

Old Pulteney 18 Year Scotch Whiskey

Father's Day Whiskey

Looking across the pond, there’s always room for scotch lovers on Father’s Day. If your designated giftee is a fan of single malts, the little-known Old Pulteney is a home run and a half. It’s hard to find 18-year-old distillery bottlings under $200 these days, but Old Pulteney skates into the picture with plenty of budget left to spare. Matured by the sea, Pulteney’s distillate picks up the refreshing salinity and maritime qualities of the Scottish sea air and packs in plenty of flavor, honey and complexity to enjoy through the summer and into winter’s biting cold. Produced without peated malt, this crisp, complex dram is sure to please no matter the recipient: new scotch fan or old.

Buy Old Pulteney 18 Year

Bardstown Bourbon Company Tasting Kit

Bardstown Bourbon Company

Few distilleries offer a look of their distillate from still to barrel, and Bardstown Bourbon Company nails the experience. A relative newcomer to the world of whiskey, Bardstown has grabbed Kentucky’s attention overnight, with a goliath, innovative operation in the heart of Bardstown. Featuring a modern kitchen and vintage bottle list that attracts drinkers from across the world, Bardstown Bourbon Company has its finger on the pulse of every aspect of whiskey. Its distillate is backing some of the whiskey world’s hottest new brands, including Pursuit United, Brad Paisley’s American Highway and more. You’ll taste through small samples of unaged distillate, a variety of mash bills and properly aged whiskey – a perfect educational tour for a Sunday evening filled with drinks.

Check Out The Bardstown Distillate To Barrel Kit

Alberta Premium

Alberta Premium

Shifting focus to the north, Alberta Premium is the ultimate whiskey for every rye-based cocktail you may need. Whether entertaining or just looking to kick back with a cocktail after dinner, Alberta Premium nails the budget option for a rye that’s great neat, on the rocks or as the backing rye in a Manhattan or Boulevardier. It’s sweet, spicy, easy to find and even easier to afford. Alberta is one of the most overlooked whiskeys on this list, and it’s an easy choice for menus on a budget that aren’t willing to overlook quality and enjoyable whiskey.

Find Alberta Premium on Drizly

Glengoyne 18 Year


Not to hang on scotch whiskyy too much, but we’d be remiss to look over Glengoyne for Father’s Day. Stepping up to compete toe to toe with the storied Macallan distillery, Glengoyne reaches well beyond Macallan’s current offerings and at a fraction of the price. Dense sherry, toffee, fig, currant and buttercream meet pleasant, sweet oak, a touch of pepper and a long, complex finish. Glengoyne is the brand I find myself reaching for time and time and time again, which is partially thanks to its ease of access in the U.S. at a price that seems almost too good to be true.

Pick Up Glengoyne 18 Year Single Malt 

All in all, there’s no shortage of great buys, whether you’re hoping to pick something up for the Father’s Day holiday or just enjoy a pour to celebrate good health and great weather. Whether Scotch whiskey is your chosen whiskey, or you’d rather experiment with learning how to dive deeper into tasting Bourbon and American whiskey, there’s something for everyone.

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