Heavily Awarded Flavored Frisky Whiskey Hits Spirits Scene
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New, Heavily Awarded Flavored Whiskey Hits the Spirits Scene, and We Only Have One Question: Why the Name?

Frisky Whiskey

Image via Frisky Whiskey.

Nicole Young, CEO of Frisky Whiskey, is shaking up the whiskey industry with her unique perspective on female whiskey drinkers.

According to 2020 data from market research firm MRI-Simmons, 36% of America’s whiskey drinkers are women, and that number is only going up. Young is excited to tap into this ever-growing market and give women the opportunity to enjoy high-quality whiskey made just for them, and from there, Frisky Whiskey was born.

Initially, Frisky Whiskey was an extension of founding partner James Landis’ William Wolf Whiskey line, infused with pure caramel and raw vanilla. Frisky won top honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute (2018), and the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge by earning 95 out of 100 for taste, making it the highest-rated flavored whiskey ever, proving it was capable of standing alone.

After winning so many honors, Frisky Whiskey was pulled from the William Wolf Whiskey line, renamed, rebranded and given the unique identity it deserves.

Awards won by Frisky Whiskey. Image via Frisky Whiskey.

The brand’s secret seems to be that instead of masking the whiskey flavor, Frisky has embraced it. In contrast to typical flavored whiskeys, which tend to be sweet and fruit-based with the intent to disguise the flavor of whiskey, Frisky’s flavor profile is designed to accentuate whiskey flavors with notes of caramel and vanilla.

Landis is confident that “Frisky Whiskey appeals to anyone that’s ever enjoyed a flavored cocktail…but never thought they could enjoy brown spirits”. He’s also proud that Frisky’s flavor “pays homage to the notes found in great aged whiskeys but puts them in a starring role and makes them more fun”.

Young said the team’s mission was to “create an inclusive whiskey experience that was approachable for the curious, welcoming to connoisseurs and delicious to everyone.”

According to a news release, Frisky Whiskey is the only female- and Black-owned flavored whiskey on the market, and Young is one of only two Black female CEOs in the whiskey business. Flavored whiskey has rapidly grown from a minor whiskey branch to become a major sales driver, outselling Rye, Cognac and Brandy. Young says she is particularly excited to tap into the growing female whiskey audience: “Equally prioritizing the female and male perspectives in terms of whiskey is long overdue and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do that with Frisky,” she said.

Everything Frisky Whiskey has accomplished is inspiring, from the origin story to the whiskey itself, leaving only one question: Why on earth would they choose that name?

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