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Glencairn’s Crystal Water Dropper Is Here To Make Your Whiskey Tasting As Pretentious As Possible

(Image via Glencairn Glass)

For many whiskey drinkers, the Glencairn Glass is one of the best choices of glassware to drink from.  Small but sturdy, the bulb near the base base holds plenty of liquid and the taper to the top helps concentrate the aromas for the best nosing experience.  The company has found success with the whiskey boom, selling over 3.5 million glasses every year now.  While Glencairn Crystal produces a whole portfolio of fancy barware, the classic has been dubbed the “World’s Favourite Whisky Glass” and they have options for custom etching and personalization to different colors.  Now, they have announced a new accessory they hope many of the 3.5 million glasses will be paired with.

Glencairn now offers a handblown glass pipette for those that prefer to add a bit of water to their whiskey drinking experience.  The piece has a control-aperture at the top and is adorned with a mini Glencairn Glass at the top, it case you forgot what your glass will look like while you fill the pipette.

(Image via Glencairn Glass)

While there is no denying the elegance and quality of the craftsmanship, the actual application of the pipette is no different than using a regular straw to dip in water, cover the top, and transfer over to your glass.  The glass pipette does have the advantage of holding 1mL of liquid, so you can be more precise with your dilution, but if precision is what you are going for rather than aesthetics, you can get 150 of the plastic ones you used in high school chemistry that have volume measurements and cost as much as one of the Glencairn ones.  It’s hard to recommend it for anything more than looks, but you might receive some judgmental looks if you bring it to a tasting or try to show off on social media.

The Glencairn Pipette is currently available on their U.K. website for £6 (the same price as a standard glass), or £11 for one with a standard Glencairn Glass.

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