Gordon Ramsay Launches Gin Brand With Eden Mill
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Gordon Ramsay’s new gin, Ramsay Gin. Image via Eden Mill St. Andrews.

Internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, best known for his cooking shows such as “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” has announced the launch of Ramsay’s Gin Recipe No. 1, in partnership with Eden Mill.

Ramsay, who was born in Scotland, is said to be inspired by his homeland of Scotland and will focus on sustainable produce.

When talking about the gin, the chef said: “It’s exciting to work with a team that shares my passion for experimenting with unique ingredients, and we’re very fortunate that the distillery is a stone’s throw from where these exceptional botanicals can be found.”

Recipe No. 1 features local botanicals that are personally selected by Ramsay from around the Eden Mill distillery in St Andrews. “The botanical base of the gin is infused with Honeyberries picked from surrounding fields. Mara Seaweed is harvested sustainably from the tempestuous, wind-battered coasts of Fife,” Eden Mill stated.

Focused on Sustainability

Image via Eden Mills St. Andrews.

In an effort to remain sustainable and honor Scotland as much as possible, Ramsay and Eden Mill decided to reduce their carbon footprint by way of the bottle. Ramsay’s Gin is bottled in sustainable glass that can be recycled and uses 18% less glass than an industry-standard bottle.

Last year, Ramsay and Eden Mill collaborated to launch the Six Rivers gin line.

Ramsay’s Gin Tasting Notes

Eden Mill’s boasts flavors that include lots of citrus, and floral notes.


Light citrus, aromatic, floral lavender tones with a savoury seaweed edge.


Punchy and peppery on the palate with underlying zesty lime tones, giving way gradually to floral wild myrtle, rich peppercorn and tart berry notes.


Pleasant, lasting finish of bittersweet citrus & bring seaweed, accompanied by hints of fresh honeyberry.

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