This Headstone was Crafted to Look Like a Glass of Guinness
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Take Your Love of Beer to the Grave With a Headstone Crafted to Look Like a Glass of Guinness


Headstone specialist Memorials of Distinction has crafted a Guinness-inspired memorial. (Photo: Memorials of Distinction)

“I love beer so much, I wish I could spend the rest of my life lying beneath a glass of it,” is a thought we’re fairly certain hasn’t entered many human brains. Most of even the biggest beer fans have probably never wished for this. Nevertheless, that non-wish has been granted.

Headstone specialist Memorials of Distinction has created a special memorial just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, shaped and designed to look like a glass of Guinness stout.

According to the company, there has been a rise in demand for headstones that reflect a person’s passions and interests over the past 20 years.

“In recent times, the general public has become more accustomed to the concept of being able to buy personalised goods,” Emma Verity, operations manager at Memorials of Distinction, said, according to The Drinks Business. “With something as personal as a loved one’s memorial, the idea of ordering something that is really applicable to that person is of great help to family and friends during the grieving process.

“We regularly produce memorials in the shape of teddy bears, cars, motorcycles and, in this case, a pint of the black stuff.”

The headstone is priced at £2,377 ($3,128) and includes a Celtic harp and green painted shamrocks, plus an 80-character inscription. It’s made from polished black granite, with a cream polished marble forming the “head.”

In other Guinness-related news, the brewery is giving away $1 million in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. All you have to do to win $50,000 of it is make a great speech by the end of March. Learn more here.

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