Heaven Hill Announces New Limited Edition Old Fitzgerald
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Heaven Hill Announces Fall 2021 Release of Old Fitzgerald Decanter Series

Old FOrester 2021 Release

Heaven Hill is ushering in Fall with the announcement of their latest limited edition release.

Old Fitzgerald, the brand’s Limited Edition wheated bourbon line will feature, once again, the iconic glass decanter bottle. Distilled in in the Spring of 2010 and bottled in the Spring of 2021, the 8th release of Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond will release shortly.

This limited edition bottling is fully compliant with the regulation required to be listed as a Bottled in Bond whiskey, and will go on sale this Fall. The stocks used for the release originate from Warehouse EE. Only the previous Spring 2018 release carried an 11 Year age statement as well.

Varying from 8 to 15 years old, the previous bottlings under the Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond line generally perform strongly. Wheated whiskeys feature a large percentage of wheat as their minority grain (bourbon requires 51% corn) and the extra aging (the youngest at 8 years is well aged) seems to lend a great complexity to the wheated mash. We’ll be on the lookout for an opportunity to taste and review this particular release, but 11 years and 50% ABV seem like a notable sweet spot for the brand, so hopes are high.

Stay tuned for more. Full press release here.

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