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Heaven Hill’s Newly Renovated Bourbon Experience Is A Bourbon Drinker’s Dream Come True

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Heaven Hill has opened up their new, $19 Million expansion of their Bardstown facility.  The Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience will offer a wide range of new and exciting experience for tourist and whiskey enthusiasts alike that the Heritage Center previously did not.  While the Bardstown facility brought in many tourists that wanted to experience the Bourbon Trail, Heaven Hill often left hardcore fans a bit disappointed considering the impressive production facility they have.  Now though, visitors will have access to 6 different exhibits, 3 different tours, and a restaurant to get their fill of information, food, and whiskey tastings.  But there’s another reason that you are going to want to reserve in your schedule the next time you visit Kentucky.

One new experiences that will be available to visitors of Heaven Hill, the “You Do Bourbon” tour will allow patrons to fill their very own bottle with a choice of Heaven Hill whiskey.  While there are several other distilleries in Kentucky that offer ways to fill your own bottle, Heaven Hill gives you the chance to do it with a product that isn’t available on any retail shelves.  The distillery has pulled specific barrels for this program and tourists will be able to bottle their choice of an 8-Year Bourbon or their 7 Year Bernheim Wheat Whiskey.  The kicker?  Both will be barrel proof.

Whiskey fans should be extremely excited about this opportunity, as Heaven Hill has consistently impressed with their latest barrel proof offerings, like Parker’s Heritage Collection or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.  Bernheim Whiskey, while not actually bourbon, has been an impressive bottle at a great price, and this is the first chance for drinkers to experience it at it’s full strength.

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