Killer Mike Shoots Moonshine With Fred Minnick And Regrets It Immediately
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How Do They Drink That Sh*t?!’ Killer Mike Shoots Some Moonshine and Instantly Regrets it

“Oh, he’s busting out the shine for Grandpa” – bourbon icon Fred Minnick was recently joined by Killer Mike, prolific American rapper and activist, to enjoy Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey and catch up. The pair end their tasting on a high (proof) note: drinking moonshine.

The pair don their own jars of authentic moonshine – whiskey distilled a bit outside the law, often using illicit stills. “We’ll do it out of the jar then? Let’s get it – love and respect friend” Killer Mike tells Minnick as he takes a sip. The two grimace in unison. “Definitely not as good as the Walker”, replies Minnick although it appears that Killer Mike’s jar was far worse.

“How do they drink this shit?!” – turns out, he’s really not a fan.

Moonshine is historically distilled to a very high proof. Some refer to it as “White Lightning”, “White Dog”, “High Octane” or other colloquial nicknames that imply strong alcohol content. Without any time in a barrel to mellow out, it’s no surprise that the moonshine couldn’t live up to the well aged Scotch Whiskey they drank previously – especially the lauded Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Catch the full clip on Fred Minnick’s YouTube.

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