Iconic American Actor Jamie Foxx Acquires BSB – Better Known as One Of The Worst Whiskeys To Buy | Whiskey Raiders
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Iconic American Actor Jamie Foxx Acquires BSB – Better Known as One Of The Worst Whiskeys To Buy


BSB, better known as Brown Sugar Bourbon, is a whiskey liqueur that’s angered and revolted whiskey diehards the world across for years. Brown Sugar Bourbon carries a label infamous for flying in the face of TTB labeling standards – the bureau that regulates alcoholic labeling and design – and pairs a low ABV with a particularly high sugar content. BSB’s additives and bottling at only 30% ABV signal that the product can’t be legally defined as bourbon, though the label will try and convince you otherwise.

For fans that may try and seek solace in their recent BSB 103 bottling, you’ll find little comfort. 103 may have an elevated (and legal bourbon ABV) alcohol content – 51.5%ABV – but it still features sugar and cinnamon additives, and therefore is no more a bourbon than its weaker sibling.

Coming at a time when many celebrities are joining the ranks of whiskey brand owners or creative directors, it’s hard to picture a product that could have been less desirable to acquire, except save for Conor McGregors Proper 12 Blended Irish Whiskey, that is (although his stake has now been sold off). There have been recent partnerships forged that will no doubt fare much better – both in sales and in the court of whiskey drinkers opinions – such as the wildly successful pairing between Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey to release Longbranch.

It seems likely that the acquisition of  Brown Sugar Bourbon by Jamie Foxx is purely a financial decision . The brand certainly does move product, much like other flavored whiskeys such as Fireball, whom moved 5.6 million cases of product in 2019. For fans of real bourbon though, it’s just not a move in the whiskey world many fans will find themselves getting jazzed about.

Jamie Foxx: Great Actor. Brown Sugar Bourbon: Terrible Whiskey.

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