Bids Nearing $800,000 for This Bottle of Japanese Whiskey
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Bids are Approaching $800,000 for This Bottle of Japanese Whiskey

Japanese Whiskey

This incredibly rare Japanese whiskey, Yamazaki 55 Year, is auctioning for a ridiculous price. (Photo: Beam Suntory)

A store in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is auctioning off an extremely rare bottle of Yamazaki 55 Years Old whiskey. The auction has reached a startling €675,000 ($788,000), according to Forbes.

The store, ExQuisite, is selling just the one bottle of Yamazaki 55, which is the oldest whiskey in the world.

The bidding opened Oct. 1 at €501,000 ($578,000). By Wednesday, 19 bids had been placed. The auction closes at the end of October.

Beam Suntory describes the whiskey as “a spiritual blend highlighting the Mizunara cask whisky distilled in 1960 under the supervision of founder Shinjiro Torii and the White Oak cask whisky distilled in 1964. Each matured, amber drop reveals a complex and mystical Yamazaki-ness the world has yet to discover.”

The bidding is approaching the record-breaking price a bottle of Yamazaki 55 sold for last year in Hong Kong, $795,000.

A bar in Honolulu, Hawaii, managed to get its hands on a bottle of Yamazaki 55 and is allowing patrons to try it this weekend at an event. Tickets for that event, which includes a tasting and dinner, are priced at $25,000.

Yamazaki 55 retails for $950,000 on, where one bottle is available.

Yamazaki 55 tasting notes:

Color: Deep amber distinctive of Mizunara casks

Nose: A robust aroma redolent of sandal wood. A sweet, mature bouquet like well-ripened fruit.

Taste: A soft, smooth first sip that blossoms in the mouth with flavor. A mixture of sweet and slightly bitter, followed by a woody note from the Mizunara cask.

Finish: Slightly bitter, a fragrance like scented wood and a hint of smokiness. A sweet, rich, lingering finish.

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