Jim Beam Celebrates 17 Millionth Barrel of Whiskey Since Prohibition
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Jim Beam Celebrates Filling Its 17 Millionth Barrel of Whiskey

America has had a lot to celebrate since the ending of Prohibition.

Prohibition was a dark time for the alcohol industry – the period in which the general sale of alcohol was prohibited. Consumers were unable to buy their favorite bottles in both retail or bar settings. This blanket ban, with the exception of “prescriptions” issued by doctors, forced most consumption and procurement in two directions: into the home (moonshining) or into the shadows (illegal speakeasies).

That said, Prohibition’s grasp on the whiskey industry was by no means permanent. Lasting about 13 years between the ratification of the 18th Amendment and the repealing of Prohibition on December 5th, 1933, the nullification of Prohibition was a breath of fresh air to many producers. While many whiskey makers went under during Prohibition, many notable names remained. And they’ve been busy ever since.

Take, for instance, Jim Beam. Owned by Beam/Suntory, the whiskey producer has just celebrated a major milestone in regards to production. Since Prohibition was repealed, the brand has filled 17,000,000 barrels of whiskey. Volume like this is nearly unparalleled in the whiskey industry, and it’s a hallmark sign of Beam’s well maintained supply chain. These barrels will go on to become Jim Beam White Label, Knob Creek or Bookers, among many others, once they’ve aged properly in Beam’s rickhouses (3-15 years, based on SKU).

For perspective, 17 million barrels of whiskey is more than quadruple the current population of the State of Kentucky (where Beam operates). That’s nearly 340 million bottles of whiskey worth, landing just shy of 5.7 billion shots of whiskey.

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