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Jim Beam Orange Whiskey, Summer Got-To or Bust?

Jim Beam has added the newest addition of flavored whiskey to its lineup: Jim Beam Orange.

Claiming to be this summer’s go-to for highball cocktails, is this newest flavor going to live up to the hype? Only time will truly tell.

Orange joins a lineup of many different flavors like Jim Beam Apple, Jim Beam Honey, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire – with cinnamon liqueur, and Jim Beam Maple. Just to name a few.

“When it comes to Jim Beam Orange, our master distillers are looking on the bright side of bourbon. This mix of orange liqueur and our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey blends the flavors of juicy citrus with oaky bourbon undertones. It puts a fresh, bright shine on the classic taste of bourbon that’s perfect for both summer sessions and simple shots.” According to the Jim Beam website.

Jim Beam Orange Whiskey Cocktail

Image via Jim Beam

Where to Find the Whiskey

The new Jim Beam Orange can be found at retailers worldwide such as Drizly or Bevmo and retails anywhere from $10-$25 depending on the size of the bottle. Which frankly, should tell you something about the quality.

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